Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

We have been working with Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers for over 10 years, bringing cutting-edge targeting technology from the for-profit world and making it affordable for pro-life non-profits.


Google is evil. Facebook is evil. Why give them your money? Not only are they limiting what you're allowed to say and who you're allowed to target, but they're using your data to help their pro-abortion clients like Planned Parenthood. Eventually, they will cut the pro-life movement off entirely to try to force pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations out of business. Don't play their game! Learn how we can provide BETTER marketing without giving a dime to Facebook or Google or complying with their censorship!

Targeted Abortion Minded Advertising

Our custom algorithms allow us to advertise directly to abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable pregnant women who are considering or planning abortions.

We interrupt this planning by serving them life-affirming messaging that directs them toward pregnancy centers where they can receive ultrasounds and counseling.

We do not use Google Ads. Google hates the pro-life movement, is actively censoring pro-life messaging, and props up pro-abortion organizations. It makes no sense to support an evil company that is deliberately trying to make pro-life pregnancy centers fail.

Instead of paying Google, we bid against Google for ad space, bypassing their censorship and restrictions and delivering pro-life messaging directly to abortion-minded women. And because we have a seat on the ad exchange, we buy ad placements at-cost and pass those savings on to you!

DLD Proprietary Software Stack

Our software stack was originally built to help car dealerships schedule more test drives and sell more cars. Now, we have packaged this invaluable technology into a platform to help pregnancy centers book more ABM appointments and save more lives!

Not only does our software stack provide an automated booking system, but it also empowers pregnancy center staff to communicate directly to prospective clients by email, phone, text, or using our web chat feature, all in a HIPAA Compliant way! The software stack also links directly with our targeting campaigns to provide attribution so you can see where your leads and appointments are coming from.

The DLD software stack also brings all of your digital communications under one roof, allowing you to manage transactional and marketing texts and emails from one single portal. It contains an easy-to-use WYSIWYG webpage builder, allowing your pregnancy center to manage its own website and build landing pages without having to pay expensive web developers to do it!

Click to learn more about how our software stack can bring your pregnancy center to the next level!

The DLD Difference

During the pandemic, one of our pregnancy centers had almost all of their office staff come down with COVID-19 at the same time. If they had been using another software system, they would have had no choice but to close the center.

But because they used the DLD Software Stack, sick employees were able to continue working from home using our HIPAA Certified phone application. All calls, texts, emails, and scheduling was re-routed to these employee's cell phones and computers so they could be managed remotely. The center then brought in healthy volunteers and nurses to perform the ultrasounds and counseling and it didn't have to close for a single day.

The versatility of the DLD software stack saved dozens of unborn lives that week.

Email Automation

Our email system makes it easy to automate client transactional emails and run donor solicitation campaigns. There's no need to be afraid of email marketing anymore!

Text Marketing

Our system also has a built-in text marketing platform allowing you to communicate with clients in real-time to reduce the no-show rate and market to donors as well.

Reputation Management

The pro-aborts are constantly trying to destroy pregnancy centers by posting false, negative reviews. Our system monitors these review sites and alerts you in real-time to swiftly challenge and respond to these fake reviews to minimize their impact.

Web Chat

Our system also places a web chat plugin on your website, allowing staffers to conveniently communicate directly with prospective clients right as they are booking their appointment.

Online Appointment Booking

Our system allows clients to book appointments directly on your website, and for staffers to text, email, chat, and call clients directly through the software stack to confirm appointments in a way that allows quality control review.

Custom Landing Pages

Stop wasting money on web developers! The DLD software stack includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder, allowing you to quickly build out your website and custom landing pages. The website you're on now was built with this system!

Detailed Reporting

Our system tracks how your pregnancy center is performing, allowing you to monitor everything from web traffic to appointment metrics to no-shows to new donations so you are armed with the information you need to make decisions!


Video Telehealth Appointments allow pregnancy centers to serve abortion-minded women beyond their facilities (and reduce their no-shows). Our telehealth system is affordable, easy to use, and HIPAA compliant!

Donor Acquisition

Wouldn't it be great if your pregnancy center had more donors and more donations coming in? Of course it would be!

In addition to being able to accurately target abortion-minded women, we have also seen tremendous success in targeting pro-life and conservative donors!

In addition to prospecting new donors, our system enables you to more effectively use your current donor list!




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