About Us

Bringing Fortune 500 marketing technology to the conservative movement.

Our History

We didn't always focus on pro-life and conservative marketing. Before we were helping pregnancy centers, non-profits, and political campaigns, we focused on targeted advertising for for-profit companies.

Our expertise has always been in advertising for car dealerships and we had tremendous success bringing cutting-edge advertising and targeting technology and strategies to the biggest car dealerships around the country.

It was 10 years that we first got involved in the pro-life movement, by providing pro-bono marketing services for one of the busiest pregnancy centers in the country.

Over time, we realized that there were a lot of similarities between the work we were doing for dealerships and the work that needed to be done for pregnancy centers. The former advertises to people looking to terminate their leases early, while the latter markets to women considering terminating their pregnancies early.

Our Founder, Frank McGuire, had open heart surgery in 2020 and during his recovery, received a calling to dive headfirst into helping the pro-life industry. That is when Defend Life Digital was born!

Today, DLD works with pro-life pregnancy centers, non-profit organizations, and religious/philosophy-driven businesses to bust through big tech censorship and advertise directly to their ideal customers, clients, donors, and supporters!

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Why We Exist

When Google was founded, its slogan was "Don't Be Evil." Lately, we've seen that Google and other big tech companies have not only abandoned that promise, but also deliberately weaponized their technology against conservative and pro-life organizations and causes.

We don't use Google or Facebook... We compete against these tech giants and do not have to contort ourselves to meet their radical anti-conservative and anti-life "guidelines."

How We Do It

Unless an ad placement is a direct buy through a website, all digital online advertisements are bought using a real-time bidding exchange. In between when you click on a link and when the page loads, all of the available ad space goes "out to bid" and advertisers bid on how much they're willing to pay to advertise to you on that particular page. By the time the page fully loads, all of that bidding is finished.

Think of this ad exchange as a stock exchange. You can't just go to Wall Street, walk into the NY Stock Exchange, and buy a single share in a company. You need to purchase shares through licensed and registered brokers. Well, the same is true for these advertising exchanges.

Google is just one of these brokers. We also have a seat on this exchange and we bid against Google for ad placements.

We have a seat on the exchange because we have been in this industry for over 15 years. New companies cannot get the same kind of exchange seat that we have. They are not available anymore.

When someone sells you Google Ads, realize that they are a re-seller. Google charges those resellers retail rates, and then they pass those costs along to you and charge you above retail.

We don't do that. Because we have a seat on the exchange, we can offer our clients wholesale pricing. Instead of charging by the click (CPC) like Google, we offer price the ads by impression (CPM). This translates to reaching more people and often paying less to do it!





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