Conservative Organizations

Your target audience is out there, just waiting for your message to reach them. Our proven technology and strategies will reach them!


Google is evil. Facebook is evil. Why give them your money? Not only are they limiting what you're allowed to say and who you're allowed to target, but they're using your data to help their liberal clients, like the Democratic Party. Eventually, they will cut the conservative movement off entirely to try to conservative non-profits and organizations to close. Don't just wait for the next shoe to drop! Learn how we can provide your organization with BETTER marketing without giving a dime to Facebook or Google or complying with their censorship!

Targeted Conservative Advertising

We work with third-party data partners to create custom algorithms to directly advertise to YOUR ideal client or donor!

Our advanced system allows us target that custom audience and serve them digital display ads, video ads, podcast ads, native "sponsored posts," connected-tv commercials

We do not use Google Ads. Google hates the pro-life movement, is actively censoring pro-life messaging, and props up pro-abortion organizations. It makes no sense to support an evil company that is deliberately trying to make pro-life pregnancy centers fail.

Instead of paying Google, we bid against Google for ad space, bypassing their censorship and restrictions and delivering pro-life messaging directly to abortion-minded women. And because we have a seat on the ad exchange, we buy ad placements at-cost and pass those savings on to you!


Television advertising typically costs a lot of money. You need to pay tens of thousands of dollars to blanket entire districts, cities, or states with the ads. By the time election day comes around, voters are so tired of political commercials that they just tune out completely.

We do television advertising differently. It doesn't cost a lot, we only deliver the commercials to the targeted audience, and we tailor the message to their particular interests so they pay attention and don't ignore it.

Every day, more and more people "cut the cord" and ditch traditional cable for streaming services instead. We target your voters by serving your commercials on streaming platforms like Hulu, YouTube TV, and Roku.

Get Out The Vote

We are experts in digital targeting for political campaigns and GOTV efforts.

Partnering with third-party data aggregators, we build digital "personas" based on the characteristics, attributes, and behaviors of certain classes of voters. We then target real voters who meet those parameters with calls to action and digital GOTV ads for your campaign or ballot initiative.


We take the custom targeting audience we make for you and serve audio ads to your ideal voter or donor when they are listening to podcasts or online radio.

Forget about signing big deals with radio stations or podcast networks. Just like ol fashioned television advertising, they want you to pay to advertise to their entire audience to reach your ideal voter or donor.

With DLD's integrated Podcast Ad platform, we can skip the networks and their whole-market buy requirements and advertise directly to people who fit your ideal voter profile!

And the best part? It costs pennies on the dollar for what it used to cost!

Donor Acquisition

We are realists. We understand that the only way you can afford to pay for our services is if your donors contribute to you.

That is why we work with you to use our cutting-edge targeting technologies and strategies to increase your donor list and increase the frequency that your donors give!




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